Irrigation Automation

Field-scale automation the way it should be: painless, affordable, and data-driven.

  • Build custom automations
    Use the Automation Builder to plan everything from simple irrigation schedules to complex data-driven automations programs

  • Remote verification and water tracking
    Gain peace of mind by remotely verifying irrigation duration and water consumption.

  • Soil moisture integrations
    Integrate with common soil moisture probes to make data-driven decisions and build automations.

  • Seamless retrofit installation
    Bring automation to existing irrigation infrastructure through a simple retrofit.

  • Built for reliability and endurance
    Devices are built to last on the farm. They work under crop canopy and even underground.

  • Built for maintainability
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Automation Builder

Take the pain out of managing irrigation and fertilization for hundreds of fields. Build a wide range of irrigation programs, customized to your needs:

  • Basic irrigation schedules
  • Irrigation programs for an entire year
  • Sensor-based automation programs

Remote Verification

For growers, one of the greatest challenges of irrigation automation is having to scout the field to verify that irrigations were executed correctly.

That's a thing of the past.

With Remote Verification, growers can now remotely scout the field to verify irrigations and track water usage - allowing you to trust irrigation automation.

Sensor Integrations

Integrate with popular soil moisture probes and other 3rd party solutions. Customize SMS alerts and automations according to sensor data and triggers.

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