Plant-level healthcare

We've built the most scalable and reliable systems to customize water and fertilizer at the plant level, making variable rate irrigation and fertilization a reality for growers.

How it works

An easy process to helping you address your variability challenges.

  • 1. We diagnose your fields

    Our software analyzes satellite and climate data to create prescriptions for your fields.

  • 2. We prescribe a management strategy

    Based on our analysis, we prescribe a solution with specialized controllers and sensors to address your needs.

  • 3. Seamless implementation

    Retrofit your existing infrastructure with capabilities for plant-level healthcare and automation.

Introducing: the microvalve

Specialized devices that sit on existing irrigation infrastructure within crop rows to control tiny valves for water and fertilizer.

Case Study:
Arterra Wines Canada

8% increased revenue per acre

By decreasing vigor, quality improved and grapes were directed to a $30 bottle instead of a $12 bottle. 

10% less water and fertilizer

By restricting irrigations in the highest vigor areas of the vineyard block.

2x reduced harvest passes

Balanced ripening meant harvest was completed in a single pass, rather than multiple passes.

Research and Breeding

Use our variable rate technology for your R&D programs:

  • Variety-based treatments for breeding programs
  • Mass experimentation for drought-resistance and heat wave research

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